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How We Do It

We embrace technology by having a sophisticated call management system and a mobile workforce who are issued with handheld reporting devices which enable them to provide ‘near real time updates’ to our business and in turn we to our clients. In the fast paced results driven world we find ourselves in a position where speed, accuracy and transparency is invaluable as it empowers clients to make informed decisions based on the quality data provided.

We believe in providing Service Excellence, First Time... Every Time.

Field Marketing

Field Marketing is the single most important part of the sales and marketing mix.

When you have a brand in the market place it takes on a life of its own, a character that is defined by the way it is presented and by the way shoppers or consumers perceive it.
On the journey between manufacture and purchase there are a plethora of influences cushioning and buffeting your brand. There are your own influences – the product itself, its advertising, packaging and promotions. There are the same influences from competitors aiming to knock your product plans off course.

Then there are the influences of retailers – stock agreements, shelf plans and display agreements. And there are exterior influences from an ever changing cast of consumers, shopping cultures, seasonal purchasing, technology trends, lifestyle choices and more.

Field Marketing allows us to take control of the way that your brand is presented by retailers and to understand the way that consumers engage with it. Typically Field Marketing measures activity at point of purchase, so the multiple influences on the living brand can be understood in terms of actual sales.

Field Marketing is highly accountable. You can accurately measure the value of your activity in the field.Our Field marketing teams are the eyes and ears of brand owners.
Through the way in which we operate, Field Marketing uses people and data to bring brand owners vital insight and fully accountable ROI.