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Who we are

Pax Staffing Dynamix is a solutions based business with a commitment to innovation, adding value and great results. We deliver tailored field marketing solutions to support clients across a wide variety of business sectors. Blending best practice from around the world calling on sales and marketing expertise to ensure that we provide international solutions locally.

Pax Staffing Dynamix is committed to excellence. Our core and supporting values run through the heart of the business and shape all behaviours - with clients, business partners, field teams and each other.

Our core and supporting values:

Delivering excellence:

We will always strive for excellence in everything we do. This includes recruiting the best people, achieving the best results, providing value adds in our thinking and our actions, developing and utilizing excellent systems to streamline our communication processes and ensuring they are user friendly for everyone.

Reputation through integrity:

We aim to achieve a reputation for greatness. We want to be known for our reliability, integrity, consistency and especially for providing creative solutions.

Empowered teams:

Energizing our teams, developing our talent and motivating our stakeholders. By combining technological solutions with years of hands on experience, our account teams are able to respond quickly and passionately to deliver efficient campaigns on time and importantly, on budget. Pax Staffing Dynamix is a breath of fresh air, where service really matters!

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PAX Staffing Dynamix was founded in 2011 as a retail staffing solution. Uniquely we provide a 360° solution achieved through above normal effort, dedication, and meticulous in delivering more than what our clients expect from a service provider.
It is our view and proven through experience that only by following this approach and having the right staff, will we be in a position to grow and expand our business in the staffing and resourcing environment.
There are many competitive businesses operating in the staff placement business, and as such the only way PAX Staffing Dynamix sets itself apart is by providing a solution that compliments and supports each of our individual client and customer needs.